rulesParticipants must be Seniors enrolled in the second semester of senior IS and willing to present their IS research in digital form at the Senior IS Research Symposium. Your entry should be a digital composition (video, audio, digital poster, collage or other new media type) created by you about your IS topic or your IS experience. You need not present your whole IS but may choose instead to present a chapter, an idea or some compelling data that you collected. You may also chose to present an aspect of the experience of research and writing your IS. You may also work in groups, which is to say that two (or more) students might pair up to think of ways to present one of their IS projects.  For ideas on tools you can use to compose your presentation, visit the resources for class projects wiki.

If you have questions about the tools you can use or need help using them, please visit the digital media bar at CoRE (in the library),  or contact Educational Technology. Entries will be due April 17. You can submit your entry to Dean Heather Fitz Gibbon at

Entries will be judged on the following five characteristics:

  1. Overall quality of the content presented
  2. Storytelling quality
  3. Aesthetic appeal
  4. Innovative use of technology
  5. Appropriate use of technology

Any entry may be used by the College of Wooster for promotional purposes, including posting to the College website.  By submitting an entry, you are providing your consent for use of the presentation by the College.

All materials used in the presentation must be properly cited or attributed for an entry to be considered.