Tools and Examples

toolsThere many tools available for composing your digital presentation. A long list of Web 2.0, slideshow, video, audio, timeline, digital poster, digital collage, machinima, comic and other tools is available on Alan Levine’s 50+ Ways to Tell a Web 2.0 Story page.

There are also a number of tools for video editing, audio editing, image manipulation, slideshow, digital collage and timelines available in Educational Technology.

Participants are encouraged to seek out innovative digital composition tools and techniques – be creative! If you have questions about a specific application, general questions about the contest or need help composing your entry, please contact Instructional Technology.

Below are some examples of the kind of work we’re looking for:

How to involve HUMANS in ECO-friendly DESIGN PROCESSES by claudiomoderini (

A Global History of the Domestication of Horses (

History of Bowling ( – click on the items inside the timeline to read and see more)

Iceland Slideshow (Joggle)

Vietnam Wall (

Specialday | Research Project (Glogster)

Places I like in Cape Town (Wayfaring)

America’s Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66 (Google My Maps)

Google Literature Trips (Download and play using Google Earth)

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